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Museums Closed for Winter Season and will open
back up on May 1, 2011

April 19 Speaker Series
"Kansas & the Civil War in
American History & Memory"
7pm Frances Sewell Plamann History Center

May 17 Speaker Series
"Free Did Not Mean Welcome"
7pm Frances Sewell Plamann History Center
Brown County
Historical Society
"Enriching Our Future Through Our Past"
The story tellers and keepers
of Brown County history
since 1978
Mission Statement
The Brown County Historical Society's mission is to preserve, promote and protect the
history of Brown County for present and future generations, through educational, cultural,
economic, and community programming.
  • To promote and pursue historical and antiquarian work and research related
    to the County of Brown County, Kansas;
  • To collect and preserve the books, manuscripts, photographs, furniture, and
    other articles of historical and antiquarian interest related to the county of
    Brown County, Kansas;
  • To preserve and maintain the historical authenticity and character of the
    Memorial Auditorium and AG Museum & Windmill Lane;
  • To serve as a resource for the preservation and interpretation of local history;
  • To cooperate with the Frances Plamann Trust in operation of the Frances
    Sewell Plamann History Center.
Eric Oldham

Memorial Auditorium
Janice Kneisley
Marilyn Van Swol

AG Museum & Windmill Lane
Bonnie Reetz
Amy Larson
Janice Kneisley
Board of Directors
Jere Bruning

Vice President
Dennis Greer

Wesley Duesing

Delores Waite

Donna Thonen-editor
Larry Kneisel
Eugene Swearingen
Gary Shear
Larry Day
Larry Adcock
Jim Gibbs
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Upcoming Events

April 6 - May 2
Traveling Exhibit
Wild Land:  Thomas Cole and the Birth of American
Landscape Painting
Frances Sewell Plamann History Center

June 27
"The Things They Carried Home Workshop"
Morrill Public Library
Workshop led by preservation consultant Shannon
Hsu, Curator of Collections Shawnee Town, focuses
on teaching veterans and their families how to
preserve uniforms, medals, letters, photographs,
and other important items that soldiers carried
home.  Workshop is funded by the Kansas
Humanities Council through a Heritage Grant and
hosted by the BCHS and the Morrill Public Library.

***Book of Remeberance Link is located in the
Photos Section of the website***